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How, & why to clay a car & Rust prevention are the 2 articles for the month of May. 

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What is a Mopar?

Read what my definition is of the word Mopar. Mopar is Motor Parts. Yes, it is.

But, I and many others have our own definition of what the word Mopar is.

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I will have another video out in a couple of weeks on Why & How to clay your car.

If you want to protect and keep your paint finish looking new you don't want to miss this video. I will show a step by step instructions on how to keep your paint finish looking brand new. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Coming in July, What you should know about tires.Learn how to choose the correct tires for your automobile. Learn what those numbers mean on your tires.

My newest article. Keep your car rust free. Some tips on how to keep your automobile free from that dirty word in the automotive world. Rust!

Keep these drain holes clear of debris 

Drain plugs under trunk of Nissan car

Interesting facts about the second generation Dodge Chargers. Click Photo

Floor pans MIG welded to complete the 1968 Dodge Charger. Click Photo

My most recent article. How to buy a collector car. If you're considering buying a muscle car or classic car be sure to read this article. Some tips I use when buying a collector car or truck. Article wrote by James Frampton