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April Edition 2015
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April, 2015 edition

Welcome to an online magazine that caters to auto enthusiast around the globe. One great thing about people that enjoy classic and muscle cars and trucks know is how enjoyable it can be to attend car shows in the spring time.

With all the many things that can bring about stress and anxiety to our lives on a daily basis, it's no coincidence that car and truck shows are seeing more and more people attending these events yearly.

These shows give people an opportunity to go back in time and see the evolution of the automobile industry. Not only to see vehicles that their mom's and dad's drove when they were younger. But to hear the stories about them as well.

New for April 2015
**Important Update to All Members**
Starting March 26, 2015 ALL members of this website can add car shows, car auctions, swap meets to the 2015 car and truck show calendar. 
This change I am implementing to our calendar will have a huge impact for visitors and members of this website.

You must be a member of this site in order to submit your event to the 2015 calendar.For more details on this change, and how to submit your event please visit here>>>2015 car and truck shows<<<.

1968 Dodge Charger Project Car

I have available for viewing two new videos on my 1968 Dodge Charger project car.

Both videos show how far along I am in the restoration.

View both Video>>>>> 68 Charger videos here <<<<<

New article, What is automobile restoration?
So, just what does automobile restoration mean? What does it consist of? What are the different types of auto restoration work?
How to prepare for your project car
If you are thinking about restoring a car or truck you need to be prepared. I have a list of things that will help you start off correctly. This list is information I did not know when I first purchased my project car. I hope this helps you. I believe it will.
How to use Clecos for auto body work
New article on how to use clecos for auto body work, or installing any patch panels.
Step by step information on installing Clecos>>> Read More <<<
cleco blind holder kit from eastwood

Clecos & Cleco pliers. Set of 30.

cleco blind grip pliers

Cleco pliers are needed to install Clecos.

Plastic welding for Auto bumpers & valances
New how to plastic weld article. A step by step on how you can repair your car or truck plastic bumper cover.
Plastic welding video repairing a Nissan bumper
See how I repair a damaged Nissan plastic bumper cover with an 80 watt plastic welder in this new video

Mig welder, How to use

campell hausfeld mig welding machine

MIG welding is a skill that you must have in order for you to restore a vehicle. See my latest video on tac welding >>>View Now<<<

Never do these 5 things 

Banner 5 things to never do when a passenger

Five things to never do when your a passenger in someone's car.

Never slam doors. Never ....

Read More