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So what brand of automobiles were searched for the most on google search for 2014?

Well, that would have to be Ford at #1.

Coming in at #2 would be Jeep.

And at #3 is Dodge.

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Mig welder, How to use

campell hausfeld mig welding machine

MIG welding is a skill that you must have in order for you to restore a vehicle. See my latest video on tac welding >>>View Now<<<

Never do these 5 things 

Banner 5 things to never do when a passenger

Five things to never do when your a passenger in someone's car.

Never slam doors. Never ....

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My most recent article. How to buy a collector car. If you're considering buying a muscle car or classic car be sure to read this article. Some tips I use when buying a collector car or truck. Article wrote by James Frampton