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We have diagrams and photo's of engines and Drive-trains.

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You know,When I started this website over 5 years ago. I wanted a website that visitors could become a member, to have the opportunity to become  a part of this website & contribute in a positive way. To "hang out" with others that share the same passion of classic and muscle cars.

 Members of this site also have 4 ways to communicate with each other.

All members have an opportunity to comment on photo's, video's & ask questions on car or truck related issues. 

Google hangouts are also a way for members to meet each other on a LIVE platform.

In fact, I have a hangout in September of 2014. 

Something Our Members will enjoy.

I have a Q & A on three of the pages on the Torqueflite Transmission. Members Only can ask questions if you cannot find the answer on our pages. If I don't know the answer to your question, I will try and research for the answer. Give me at least 2 weeks to try and find the correct information for you. This is another way for me to help my members and show my appreciation to those of you that joined Extreme Mopars.com

This will also take this website to a new positive level. If after doing research and I still can't find the answer to your question. I will post your question for others to see & they may just have the answer you need.One of my goals has always been to make Extreme Mopars

a place were people could come to and ask and give information to one another.

I hope all my members will participate in this new venture.                                  Operator of Extreme Mopars-James Frampton 

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383 engine from a 1968 dodge charger

My 1968 Dodge Charger

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Firing order for Chrysler 6


My Diagram of the 1951 Chrysler Six Firing order

Firing order for 


My Diagram of the Firing Order for Chrysler engine's 400 Cu, 440 

Vehicle ID Plate


Vehicle ID Plate explored in details

Build Sheet 68 Charger


Build sheet from a 1968 Dodge charger

Engine I.D. Serial #


Engine ID

Clutch Disc

A 727 Torqueflite Chart

727 Torqueflite


Torqueflite transmissions


Torqueflite transmission photo

727 Torqueflite Specifications


727 Torqueflite components and clutches

Chrysler Axle's


Information and exploded view of Dodge rear axle's

Drive Shaft


Exploded view & break-down of Chrysler Drive Shafts

Universal Joint


A break down of universal joints for Chrysler Automobiles

Chrysler Uni-body


Chrysler popularized unit-bodied cars. 

Chrysler Engines 

slant six engine-170 cubic inch

Slant 6 engine 

super six-slant six engine

Super 6 engine

engine block 383 engine

383 engine block

new hemi engine 6.1 liter

6.1 Hemi engine

426 max wedge engine

Max Wedge Engine

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