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1968 Dodge engine oil viscosity recommendations. All engines except 426 cubic inch Hemi


SAE 20W-40            were temperatures are consistently above + 32degrees Fahrenheit.

SAE 10W-40


SAE 10W-30  or SAE 10W-40     

Suitable for year long operation in many parts of the U.S., may be used where      Temperatures occasionally drop as low as - 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


SAE 5W-30  or  SAE 5W-20                                        

Recommended where minimum temperatures are are consistently below + 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Single Grades

SAE 30                    were temperatures are consistently above + 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

SAE 10W                 were temperatures range between + 32 degrees Fahrenheit. and -10 degrees         Fahrenheit. 


Oil viscosity recommendations for the 426 cubic inch Hemi Engines


SAE 20W-40          Where temperatures are consistently above +32 degrees Fahrenheit.

SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40        were temperatures are consistently below +32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Single Grades

SAE 30  or  SAE 40      Where temperatures are consistently above +32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Question-Why does engine oil deteriorate? Some answers below

To keep it simple, The accumulation of contaminants in the oil and chemical changes in the oil itself.

Some other reason can be:

Extreme Heat

Extreme Cold

Common Contaminants (dust and dirt )

Combustion by-products

Internal Forces                        To learn more about oil visit: http://www.sae.org/

Question-What is Synthetic oil? Answer is below

Synthetic oil is comprised of man made chemicals that are added to natural crude oil. Synthetic oil is a more pure form  of oil than other motor oils.

Using Synthetic oil in place of conventional will result in fewer oil changes as well. 

Synthetic oil  should also give you  better fuel mileage.

Synthetic oil can also withstand higher temperatures than conventional oil can. This is very important if you care about the longevity of your engine.

Synthetic oil obviously cost a little more, but it is well worth the extra money for a well maintained daily driver. 

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