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A mopar car

What is a Mopar? What does Mopar mean?

 So you ask, what's a Mopar Uh? Well, you may think you know what a Mopar is. But, before you call a neon Mopar. You may want to sit back, take a deep breath, and hold on.

If you attend car shows often, I know you have heard the word Mopar come from the lips of people crowded around any 60's or 70's muscle car from Dodge or Plymouth.

 Have you ever stopped and really thought about it? Just what the hell is a Mopar?

If you take the time to look up the word Mopar in a dictionary, most if not all will say no results for the word Mopar.

According to Wikipedia, the word Mopar was first used in the 1920's by the Chrysler Corporation.

The obvious may come to mind, Mopar stands for Motor Parts. But think about it for a second.

If you go to an all Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth Car show over the weekend. Come Monday morning someone at work may ask you, what you did over the weekend.

You reply,"Ah man, I seen a 70 Challenger barn find, all original matching numbers, a bad ass 69 Road Runner, a sweet 68 Charger R/T. I just saw some awesome Mopars over the weekend." You mean you saw some awesome, bad ass Motor-parts?? You see my point. The word Mopar for me and maybe you,

means so much more than just Motor-parts. I mean Motor-parts never even entered my mind when I 

say the word "MOPAR".It's just too cool of a word that needs to be used for something more than Motor-Parts, You Know?

I do truly believe that the word Mopar has evolved into what my definition of what the word Mopar means.

The Chrysler company had nothing to do with what the word Mopar has become nowadays. 

The word Mopar defined by the fans and followers of Chrysler products evolved into the word MOPAR as a Tough, fast running two-door car, that could outrun anything on the road. 

As I have said more than a couple of times in this article, MOPAR is just a cool word to say.

The word Mopar means, Fast-tough-tire burning, ass kicking iron horse on four wheels.

Extreme Mopars.com has had visitors all around the world that has had people wondering what the word Mopar means.

And I hope that when they finish reading this article, they will have a better understanding of what the word Mopar means to many of us out there that needed no dictionary or anything else to define it. And now, you too.

For me, the word Mopar means Chrysler's Best of the Best, Chrysler's Cream of the crop, Chrysler's Masterpieces. It's got to have the Look, the performance, that unique styling before it can carry the badge of MOPAR. Right? Damn Right.

That's what a true Mopar is. Yes, Mopar is King. Mopar is Unique. Mopar is cool to own. Cool to drive. Not a damn Motor-part.

For me, the definition of Mopar in the dictionary would be one word. Charger. 1968 Charger.

The 68 Charger has the unique "look" and performance. It's cool to own, and damn cool to drive. For me, there will never be a car that will ever define the word Mopar more, than a 1968 Dodge Charger.

A mopar car

So you ask, Are all Chrysler cars and trucks Mopars?

 For me, NO. I mean, When I see a Chrysler Concord or a Minivan, Mopar NEVER enters my mind.

It just don't. Never will. Plymouth Duster? Mopar. The 69 Roadrunner? Mopar. The Superbird? Absolutely a Mopar.

A Neon? Neon. You see very few Chrysler products can truly wear the badge of MOPAR. I want you to think about that 

word Mopar for a moment, No other car Manufacture around has such a cool and meaningful word as the word MOPAR. Just saying the word sounds good. Chevy has the Bow-tie, and Ford, uh FO MO? But we have the word MOPAR.

Dodge city van red

Mopar? Or would you say just a Promaster city van?

small Chrysler car



So, when someone asked the question, James, What is a Mopar?

When asked that question, I simply pull out a picture of a 1968 Dodge Charger and say  "You want to know what a Mopar is?" "Ya want to know what the word Mopar means?

This my Son is the true meaning of the word Mopar.

Whats a Mopar