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5 things to never do in someone's car

5 Things to never do when you're a passenger in someone's car 

Article by: James Frampton


Five things you should never, ever do when you're a passenger is someone's car 

1. Never slam the door after getting into someone's car, or leaving the car. Around two weeks ago, I had dropped my brother-in-law off at his house. Needless to say, after leaving my car, he slams my car door so hard I thought my passenger door window would shatter. 

Slamming someone's car or truck door when I exit the vehicle is something I just don't do.

2.Never get into someone's car and turn on the radio without first getting the owner of the cars permission. It's just rude. Don't do it.

3.Never light up a cigarette in someone's car without first asking the owner if it's OK to do so. Accidents happen. The owner will not be too happy if you burn a hole in their seats or floor rug. Just don't do it. Even if the owner smokes, there is a big difference between yourself burning your seat, and someone else doing it.

4. Never eat anything when you're a passenger in someone's car. I mean really, It's so easy to drop ketchup or mustard on someone's seats.

Or spill a drink all over someone's nice seats and rug. Just don't do it.

5. OK # 5 is something any car nut like myself or you, can't stand if someone has the nerve to sit on your car's hood, or lean on your car that has no dent's or ding's. Also, it's so easy to scratch the paint on your car with a belt buckle or ring or watch.


Will only car Hobbyist agree with the Article?

Let me first explain the reason for writing on this topic. I was "indoctrinated" growing up to always treat someone's property as you would if it was your own. Also, My stepfather had many cars and trucks around the home at any given time.

I can remember many times hearing comments as "Don't slam the door".

Slamming doors would result in a loose and rattling door.

Also, would cause the door to not seal correctly when closed. And, would cause damage to the doors mechanism. 

Never play around with the air vents. Once they were set in place, moving them would only lead to them getting "loose" and, therefore, would cause the vents lovers to close due to moving them in different directions repeatedly. 

The same would apply to sun visors, radio knobs, glove compartment doors and window cranks.

Sitting on the hood would result in unwanted dents and dings, therefore not only destroying the appearance of the car but also result in a depreciation in resale value when the car would need to be sold.

To most, not all, car enthusiast want their car to remain in a "like New" condition. Not only as a personal choice of gratification, but when selling or trading in the car it would fetch top dollar as a like new condition compared to one that is riddled with scratches, dent, dings and accessories that are "worn out" due to neglect. 

Well, as we all age we either agree or disagree with things that we were taught while we were growing up.

This particular issue I totally agree with. Purchasing a car is a major financial decision we make.

So it only stands to reason you should try to preserve the car since you have so much money invested in that car.

Of course for some, slamming doors and sitting on the hood is absolutely no big deal to them. And hey, that's find.

Surely they have the right to do with their car as they see fit.

So if you agree with that you should also agree that there are many people believe in the opposite of that. 

Hence this article. Five things you should never do when you're a passenger in someone's car.

However you feel, I hope the article was at least enlightening and entertaining. Or both?


Well ladies and gentleman that is My top 5 things to never-ever do when you're a passenger in someone's car

By the way. If you are carpooling others in your vehicle and are having any of the above problems, please feel free to email them the link to this page. Or better yet, print this page & conveniently leave a couple of copy's in the front and back seat. I believe then, they may just get your message.

5 things to never do in someone's car