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Posted by James on June 1, 2015 at 8:45 PM

Hi, thanks for joining this website. (Extreme Mopars.Com).  I appreciate all members on this site and would like to hear from ALL of you. As you may or may not know I am the only person that operates Extreme Mopars. When someone ask a question or leaves a comment I have to search every communication room in order to see comments and questions. 

So please don't think I am ignoring your question or comments. It would be nice if my web server would alert me when I  login that someone left a question or comment. Below is a list of benefits for each and every member on this website. Please include in your questions if you are a member of this website.

My members get VIP treatment on here. If I can't answer your questions I will post your question for other members to answer. Members here come first before visitors. I will try my best to help my members on any questions or concerns they have. Just remember to include in your questions that you are a member of Extreme Mopars.com

1. All members can comment on photos and videos on this site.

2. All members can upload your photos to the Photo Gallery. 

3. All members can>> embed their video<< from youtube to our video section. Please use embed method only. If you upload your video instead of using the embed action it will take forever to upload. And, to much bandwidth. Thanks. Please only use embed method only.

4. Any member that has restored or is currently restoring a vehicle, with your permission I will do a full story on your project. Also, any links that you want will be included with your story. (( Please only automobile or anything centered around automobiles will be allowed) I will explain more on this if I do a story on your Restoration project.

5.Do you have a car or truck you're selling? Do you have any tools for sale? Are you looking for any auto parts? If so I will have a section on this website for you to sell or buy. What does this cost you? Nothing. zero is what you pay. This will be for members only. Please contact me and I will give you more details on you selling your car or tools. Contact me by clicking >>>>.... Contact James<<<<<<<

6. Members can participate in all contest here on this website. Win Clothing, Hats, and other cool merchandise. I will be having more information on next month's contest. I Will contact all members with how to enter the contest.

7.Starting in July I will post "Member of the month" award on the Home page of Extreme Mopars.

Thanks and remember I truly appreciate each and every member on this website. To all members I say thanks and your participation is what this website is all about. A community of auto enthusiast around the globe. 

                                                                                                                              Yours Truly, James Frampton

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