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Automobile Modifications

Automobile body modifications you can do yourself in your garage 

Now you can turn your vehicle into something more than just the factory cookie cutter look!

Are you tired of the same ole look that everyone else has? You have a 2014 Challenger that looks just like your neighbors and your cousins car. Thousands that look just alike except maybe the paint job is different. Besides the paint color, they are all made the same old way.

You don't have to settle for that! After reading this article, you will have the right action plan to make your car or truck different from all others out there on the road today. Ok?

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars in order to make your ride stand out from the rest of the cookie cutter made car and trucks out there today.

All you have to have mostly is a little creativity and a willingness to learn and get your hands a little dirty.

I will show you how just some small changes can make all the difference in the world.

In this series of workshops, you can make your car or truck match your personality and have the satisfaction of knowing YOU did it yourself. 

Obviously, you can make some really radical changes to the exterior or interior of your vehicle, but you have to consider two very important things. First, how much time are you willing to invest in the project. And how much money are you willing to spend.

I will only focus on those that are on a budget, and someone that does not have unlimited time to invest in their projects.

Many of you reading this have full-time jobs along with family responsibilities. 

So I want to, and will focus only on those of you that have a limited amount of cash and time.

So, let's get started gang.                                                                             James Frampton/Extreme Mopars

Step by step
Just like most things in real life. You have to take it slow and easy, and not just "jump in" without a good solid step by step plan.
For example, it took me maybe four hours to install the stainless steel body panels on my truck.
I had never installed stainless steel panels of any kind before I had done this project.

It was to be my first time ever to install these 10 piece body panels on my truck. I knew after talking with a local garage that specialized in truck add-ons and other modifications that I must do the job myself or Pay out the A** to have it done.
Also, I knew that with each panel having 3M adhesive tape it would be impossible to remove the panel if a mistake was made, without destroying the entire panel.
And you cannot just buy one panel, you must purchase the entire 10 piece kit.

Also the truck I would be working with had NO body line as a guide. On some trucks, like the 2001 Dodge Ram, below the door and following all the way to the end of the truck, has a body line that you could use as a guide to follow in order to guarantee No mistakes when installing. 
Was I willing to risk making one mistake and losing around $200 dollars.
Or would I take the easy way out and pay the local truck accessory garage to put them on for around $500.

Yep, if you know me at all. You know I decided to Do-It-Myself. And I did.

I took my time and wrote down the step by step plan I decided on. And I completed the project without any problems.
My point in this section is to let you know, that YOU can do these modifications to your vehicle if you take your time. Do not rush it.
Most mistakes are made by having No plans, or by simply getting into a rush. That's when mistakes will be made.

James Frampton/Extreme Mopars

First things First. What theme are you going for?

What I mean by theme is simply, what two color combinations will look best for your ride.

Do you want to capture a "sporty" look?

Do you want a more flashy, in your face look?

Or a "less" is more theme?

Only YOU know what kind of theme you're going for.

And, there is no right or wrong when you're modifying your car or truck.

Do not be afraid to add on or remove parts and pieces from your ride based on what others may think.

If you're satisfied with the theme of your project car or truck, that's all that counts.

So, just remember. Take some time to figure out what it is you want.

James Frampton/Extreme Mopars

Your action plan 
How to begin your automobile modification plan.

  1. First, get your camera and take photo's of your vehicle from every angle. Front, back, both sides right and left.  Pay special attention to the body lines and contours of the vehicle.
  2. What you will discover are things you never knew about your car. Example: Peaks and valleys of your quarter panels, rocker panels, etc.
  3. Examine the picture's and video you took. Really get to know your car. How the body lines run. How your door contours are. By doing this, it will help you in determining how to correctly install 1.Stainless steel panels. 2. Body side molding.3.pinstriping.
  4. You will find out that some aftermarket accessories that are for your vehicle, will not fit.
  5. Once you know your car or truck's body, it will help you also to have a better understanding of the "theme" you're going for.
  1. Did you take pictures of your car or truck from the front to back, top to bottom?
  2. Do you now know the body of your vehicle better from the photo's and video you took?
  3. What will be your theme of your car or truck? Flashy? Conservative look? Chrome & Stainless Steel theme?

Once you have answers to the above questions then proceed to the next workshop.
Automobile Modifications