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The Best way to wash a car

In this article, you will learn what tools and techniques are required in order for you to get the best results each and every time you wash your car.

I will show you how I have washed my car and truck for years without doing harm to the paint job on my vehicle.

It's not that difficult to spot a car that has been repeatedly washed improperly. Swirl marks along with scratches and water stains.

Also, the paint will have a dull look that stands out like a sore thumb.

I will specifically focus on washing the car. 

Future articles I will move toward detailing the complete car, inside and the outside of the vehicle. For now, this article will deal with the best methods to use for washing a car.  Let's get started.

Tools needed for a perfect car wash

To get your car thoroughly clean and looking its best, you must first have the proper tools to achieve this. Let's have a look at what you will need and how each one will help you keep your car looking new for years to come.

Turtle wax orange car wash

My Favorite car wash liquid has to be Turtle wax orange car wash liquid.
Car washing liquid

1) Car wash cleaner  Car wash liquid will be your most important tool cleaning contaminants and impurities from your paint.

I have paid close to $45 dollars for a gallon of car wash liquid. Out of all the different products I have used, I personally have used for years now Turtle Wax orange car wash liquid. 

Turtle wax orange car wash is one of my favorites. It stays very "soapy" as you wash your car. Also, this orange wash will clean your car to help look it's best. This wash is also biodegradable.

2) Car wash brush  There are a variety of brushes to choose from. Everything from boars hair brushes to many types of synthetic brushes.

Boars hair brushes are just that, made from hogs hair. They hold water better than regular brushes and are very soft (less likely to scratch paint finish) & expensive.

Currently, my newest brush is a Pro elite telescoping handle & brush head.

10 inch wash brush with super-soft bristles.

65 inch telescoping handle.

Slide water control

3) MicroFiber towels to help dry your car and reduce the chances of water stains. Microfiber towels are very soft and easy on your cars finish. 

You will not have to worry about putting scratches on the paint finish. No matter if you use the towels for drying your car after washing it or using the microfiber towels to remove wax. These towels are safe for all finishes.

Microfiber towels from Griots Garage.

Car Cleaning products

4) Squeegee To remove water from paint after rinsing. 

There are a couple of ways to remove water from your cars paint finish. One is with microfiber towels or the Squeegee.

This squeegee I purchased from Griots Garage. The squeegee removes a lot of water in one short move. If your time is limited, the squeegee is the way to go.

Instructions for best car wash

Here are my instructions to follow, a step by step method to achieve a grand washed vehicle. Instructions to bring out the best finish for your vehicle.

1. One ounce of Turtle Wax Orange to one Gallon of Warm water. Make sure not to use cold water. By using warm water, this will help to cut the dirt from your car finish way more than using cold water.

2. Use a super soft car wash brush to keep from putting scratches on your paint finish. 

3. Spray the entire car with water to remove bird droppings, dirt, and other contaminants from the paint. By saturating the car with water, first will help to loosen other contaminants from the finish so that your brush will be cleaner when washing.

4. More to come.

Video: Best way to wash a car

My current video on the best way to wash a car or truck. The video is around 25 minutes long. I show how I have washed my car and truck for years.

My next video will be on claying a car or truck. Be sure to Subscribe to my youtube channel.