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campbell hausfeld mig welder

Campbell Hausfeld Wire Feed Arc Welder

Hello everyone. The Campbell Hausfeld MIG welder is one welder I know very well. In fact, I have owned this welder for over 10 years now.

I have used this welder to weld in my floor pans, wheelhouse patch panels, and built my welding table with this welder.

No, it may not have all the bells and whistles like a Miller or Lincoln. But I can testify to the fact that this Campbell Hausfeld welder has performed perfectly for any kind of job I've had, and  I have had no problems at all for over 10 years.

Why on earth would I want to replace this welder for another? Now, I have welded with a Miller and Lincoln and they are some great welders as well. But the Campbell Hausfeld welder is one that I would highly recommend to anyone that's on a budget, and will get the job done just as well as a more expensive welder can.

Ten years and no complaints from me. Alright, let's move on.

Welding supplies
Welding supplies

Flux Core wire VS Argon Gas welding

Flux core welding or Gasless welding is simply a tubular wire with flux material in the middle of the wire and is simply put, helps shield the weld from contaminants in the air. When you use flux core wire it will leave a residue after welding.

This residue or what most call slag will have to be removed before priming and painting occurs.   

Flux is made up of other ingredients that when welding with flux core wire, it produces a very smoky environment and makes it difficult to see what your welding. 

With solid wire welding, you use gas, such as argon. It is mostly a mixture of 80% Argon and 20% co2. I personally use this every time I weld. 

It is easy to see what your welding, and it makes a much cleaner weld. 

The set up is a little more expensive at first compared to welding with flux core wire.

If you plan on welding with gas, remember you will:

  1. Have to rent or purchase a tank to hold the gas.
  2. Have to purchase a regulator to regulate how much gas is flowing during your welding.
  3. Cost, of the argon gas.
  4. You will want to buy a cart so that when you move around the welding machine, the tank needs to be secured so that it does not fall or roll over. On a cart, you will have a separate place that will hold the tank securely. 

campbell hausfeld mig welder

tank to hold your argon shielding gas

argon gas tank regulators 

front face of the campbell hausfeld mig welder.

campbell hausfeld wire feed mig welder

1 & 2- low & high

How to set up the Campbell Hausfeld Wire Feed Mig Welder

I have a 24 minute video on my youtube channel on how to set up the Campbell Hausfeld MIG welder. In fact, below I have embedded the video for you to view. 

welding machines

How to weld with the Campbell Hausfeld flux and gas welder

Well, just like anything we do, practice makes perfect. The same principle applies her as well. Make sure to do a good research on what kind of welder will fit your need.

If you're looking to do some small welding jobs around the house, or if you plan on doing welding several times a week.

What you plan on doing with the welder will depend on what kind you will need to purchase. 

More to come on this Campbell Hausfeld welder