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Chrysler, 318 cubic inch, V-8 engine information

The 318 cubic Inch V8 compression ratio in 1968 was 9.1:1.

By 1973, it was reduced to 8.6:1 for better fuel mileage. 

The 318 cubic inch V8 at this time had a two-barrel carburetor, produced 230 horsepower at 4400 rpm's and 340 foot-pounds of torque.

Some Quick Facts on the 318 Cubic Inch V-8

  •  In 1992, Chrysler introduced the Magnum 318 V-8
  • You could find the 318 V-8 under the hood of any Dodge, Plymouth, or Chrysler cars
  • The 318 V-8 was once a very popular engine for police cruisers, like the Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury
  • The 318 V-8 Magnum had high-Flow heads for better intake

Chrysler's 318 cubic inch engine, bore and stroke

 318 cubic inch
 1957-1967 3.91 3.31

Dodge, 1960 Red Ram Engine

1960 RED RAM 318 230 Horsepower, 340 lb-ft.

The A - Engine's name's were RED RAM. It had overhead valve's with dome-shaped heads.

Dodge said " so durable are they that the standard 25,000 mile laboratory test for wear had to be changed to 50,000-mile and 100,000 mile checks because no discernible wear showed up until long past the 25,000 mile figure.

 1960.....318 cubic inch  FORD CHEVY DODGE RED RAM 318
 230 HP
 170 HP
 GM and FORD
 292 lb-ft
 340 lb-ft
 275 lb-ft


Chrysler 318, V8- A and LA Block engine's

The LA series of Chrysler V8 engines were based on the lightweight casting of the A series engine appearing in 1964.

The A and LA engine blocks are very similarly sized and can be to most people very hard to tell the difference in the two engines just by looking at the two engines side by side.

But the A blocks, Poly spherical heads are considerably larger than the LA heads.