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Buying Collector car insurance

So you just bought your first collector car. So you now need insurance on that car. What do you do? Should you add it to your existing auto policy, or is there insurance you specifically need for collector cars, classics, and muscle cars? Just how do you go about getting car insurance for automobiles that are classics or collector cars?

Well, my personal experience you will want to buy car insurance that specifically caters to collector cars. Classic and muscle cars will fall under this as well. I have insured a couple of my muscle cars with Hagerty and Grundy insurance companies.

I have friends that have purchased car insurance from Grundy and Hagerty.

In my case, I had a 1970 Monte Carlo back in the 90's.

This was not a daily driver. This car would only be driven maybe one or two times a month. During the winter months, the car would be driven less than that if at all.

Plus you want to buy car insurance from a company that has knowledge about classic & collector cars. Companies like Hagerty & Grundy know that these classic cars will not be daily drivers. And they are aware of the true value of your classic rides.

I have heard that Classic Auto Insurance is another company you need to get a quote from. All three of these companies, you can get free quotes from. 

Car insurance for classics and muscle cars, In my opinion, needs to be handled by a company that specialises in that type of car or truck.

I do believe that the Monte Carlo I had insurance on had to be stored in a fully enclosed garage. Obviously don't leave the keys in the ignition in the garage. If you do you will not be able to file a claim if it is stolen.

Also, the garage must be equipped to fully lock as to protect the car from theft. 

((Be sure to ask your agent. This applied to my policy years ago. So it will be different from person to person and will depend on what type of car you are insuring)). 

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At that time, I was allowed a certain amount of miles I could drive the car within that year.

With the majority of collector car owners the car will not be a daily driver, hence the limited amount of miles you can drive each year.

The three automobile insurance companies I have listed on this page will give you a free quote for your insurance needs.

I will keep this page updated to help those of you who need collector car insurance. Be sure to bookmark this page.