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Why & How to clay your car's paint Finish

So what is Paint cleaning clay? And why should I use cleaning  clay on my car?

Well, my first time using clay was on a 1979 Plymouth Volare. I purchased Paint cleaning clay from Griot's Garage.

So, why cleaning clay? Cleaning clay does just that. It cleans contaminants from your car's paint finish. After washing your vehicle, you can then determine if your car needs cleaning clay.

Cleaning clay removes contaminates from your paints finish that regular washing can't do. Cleaning clay is made from synthetic or natural clay.

Rub your hand over your car. If the surface of your car is not as smooth as glass your car needs clay.

By claying your cars paint it will remove acid rain spots.

Paint Cleaning Clay
The clay will also remove tar, oils and hard to remove water spots on your car's paint surface. I personally recommend you use the cleaning clay at least once a year. After using it on my 1979 Plymouth Volare, it revived the paint job on the car.
I will tell you that claying your car correctly took some time to do it right.

If you purchase your cleaning clay from Griot's garage they recommend using speed shine. Speed shine acts as a lubricant so as the cleaning clay glides across the paint easily.

Paint Cleaning clay & speed shine should be used together in order to get a perfect cleaning.

Speed Shine to use with paint cleaning clay.

A 35 FL.oz of speed shine will be more than enough to get the job done.

Paint Cleaning Clay for Automobiles

Is Paint cleaning clay OK for my cars paint?

According to Griot's garage cleaning clay is OK for any paint job. Remember to use it with the speed shine. I try to use the cleaning clay a couple of times a year on my pickup truck.

Here is a photo of The Cleaning Clay.

Get a palm size of cleaning Clay and make a round patty out of it.

Remember that if you do decide to clay your car you should use the cleaning clay after washing the car.

8 FL.oz of paint cleaning clay from Griot's Garage.

After using the clay, spray some speed shine on the clay to keep it fresh, and to keep it from drying out.

How to use the cleaning clay?

If you purchase cleaning clay from Griot's garage simply remove the plastic wrapper from the clay. Next tear off about one-quarter of the clay. Then flatten the clay in the palm of your hand. Make a patty out of the clay.
Work in small sections on the vehicle. Make sure you use the speed shine to keep the clay from sticking on the paint finish.

The cleaning clay used properly will remove contaminants from your car's paint finish. Obviously with the amount of time it takes to clay your entire car it might be something you do on collector car instead of daily drivers.

To clay your automobile correctly, it is very time-consuming.

I always use a microfiber towel when I clay a car. I use it to clean away at the place I clayed and sprayed with speed shine.One last thing. After using cleaning clay, I polish or wax my truck after claying. Happy Claying everyone.

Paint Cleaning Clay for Autos