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Meet the Webmaster

Hello everyone. My name is James Frampton. I am the webmaster of this site.

Extreme Mopars.com has been around for over five years.

I appreciate and enjoy the "world of automobiles".

I especially like the classics and muscle cars.

I also consider myself a passionate auto restorer.

My current project car is a 1968 Dodge Charger. 

I am a DIY kind of person. Going on eleven years of learning the art of restoring cars.

I have spent countless hours in my garage doing everything from hammer and dolly work to MIG welding. Reading and viewing tapes of people who are the best at metal finishing.

Ron Covell in my opinion is the best metal finishing guy that lives. Ron Covell is someone who I have purchased every VHS tapes, DvDs, and anything he's made available to the public. I like to think of myself as a student of his work.

I highly recommend anyone that likes restoring cars to view his website.

Another man who I believe who is one of the greatest car designers out there today is Chip Foose. He is one who believes that less is more. Clean and not flashy. 

Simple yet perfect in his creations. He is able to put his "spin" on what a car should have looked like from the factory and can actually make the car or truck look better than it does. Most people that try to do this usually do overkill on the vehicle.

The attention to small details he improves upon on a car is what he is so famous for. (My opinion of course). Check this out>>>Here<<<

Extreme Mopars.Com a "mom & pop" website

Yes, Extreme Mopars.com is what I would refer to as a "mom & Pop" website.

I am the photographer, web designer, design director, content strategist, product manager, SEO specialist, the list goes on and on.

NONE that I have any professional skills at. Did I mention NONE, zero?

Never have I took any course in website management or any of the above job descriptions.

My point is, I have thousands and thousands of words on this website so if you come across some misspellings you may now know why.

Maybe the layout or color schemes may clash. Now you know why. HAHA

 But one great thing YOU can count on is the fact that this website is operated by an authentic Car crazy guy. Someone who wants this hobby to be passed on from generation to generation. 

I am continually trying to make this website a relevant, very informative and entertaining auto website. The funny thing is, with over a hundred visitors a day.

Over five years on the web, my ranking is zero. HA Ha

So what does this mean to you and I? Well, I don't write for SEO. I don't key word stuff my articles. And I don't worry spending my time linking to other web sites. What I DO worry about is giving my members good, useful information they can use.

I have seen auto websites that have not been updated in years, and have useless regurgitated "info" that has high rankings. What does that tell ya? 

You can count on honest, clear information on this site. For me, that's ALL that counts.

The ads on this website, NEVER covers my cost operating the site year to year.

Over five years and counting. I operate this site for ONE reason. I love the classics. The muscle cars. Auto restoration and preserving them for future generations.

So I have learned many things in that time frame and it shows compared to when this site went live over 5 years ago. ( I hope it shows) HA

Direction of this website for 2015

The direction for Extreme Mopars for 2015 is the following

  1. More ways for members to get involved in this website.
  2. Focus more on Automobile Restoration techniques
  3. Cover all makes and models of cars and trucks. With most of my articles focusing more on auto bodywork, this will help people who need help restoring Mustangs, Camaro's, and any other make of vehicles.

I welcome all new members and hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, James Frampton             Feb-09-2015