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1970 Plymouth Duster painted Panther Pink

Extreme Mopars.Com recently took a trip to a local auto auction. While we enjoyed the variety of automobiles there, and particularly keeping our eyes open for any Mopars. One particular car stood out from all the rest.

No, it wasn't a Superbird or Hemi Charger or even the world famous Dodge Challenger. It just so happens  to be a rare Panther Pink 1970 Plymouth Duster.

Plymouth obviously was trying to make a statement with this one, and they succeeded.

  I personally thought it was a unique paint scheme. According to the Seller of this 1970 Plymouth Panther, The color FM3 (PANTHER PINK) was only offered during the spring to early summer months in 1970. 

The rare color was available until July 10, 1970 when 1970 production ended. 

This particular Duster was built on July 7, 1970-Just 3 days before the 1970 production ended. Possibly making it the last Panther Pink Duster ever built. 

And wait it gets better, The Seller Says its believed to be the only 225 Slant Six Panther Pink Duster ever built.  (please note this may or may not be true, but it was an interesting story the man told us.) 




Some more interesting facts you may like to know:

  • Paint Color Panther Pink ( Code FM3 )

  •  Factory Base Steel Wheels & Dog Dish Hubcaps

  • Fender Tag is Half Blank Due to limited options on car

  • Only Interior Option is Carpet

  • Only Exterior Option is Undercoating

  • No Molding of any Kind ordered on car

  • 225ci Slant Six

  • 145 Hp at 4000 Rpm 215 pounds of torque at 2400 Rpm



More interesting information on the 1970 Duster

Some of you may think this Panther Pink color is the craziest color to come out from Ma Mopar.

Some of you may think this FM3 panther pink color is cool.

Well, it's just a matter of opinion. Right?

 This  1970 Plymouth Duster you see here came from the factory with no Tinted windows.

It has the base interior which contained the following deletes

  1. Cigarette Lighter
  2. Glove box lock
  3. Rear Armrest 
  4. The only interior option on the 1970 Plymouth Pink Duster was Carpet.
  5. The only exterior option was undercoating. 
  6. The only mechanical option was 225 Slant six engine, Light duty Torqueflite Automatic and power steering.

Interesting #'s on the Panther Pink Paint 

In 1970, 76,935 Dodge Challenger were made. Only 90 are known to be Panther Pink.

Of the 1,640 Dodge Challenger R/T two-door hardtops built with the 440 Six pack, Just 5 Panther Pink versions are known to exist today.

The shaker hood is rare on any Dodge Challenger, all five pink 440 six pack car were outfitted with it

Featured car here - 1970 Plymouth Duster Dipped in Panther Pink