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1968 Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar & Chrysler Fluid and Filter change for Transmission recommendations

What Dodge says in the 1968 dodge charger owner manual.  

 "The transmission fluid and filter and filter installed at the factory will provide satisfactory service for the life of your car under normal use and service, and need not be changed.                                                                                                                         

However if the vehicle is used for trailer towing, taxicab, police or other severe use and service, the automatic transmission should be adjusted, and the fluid and filter changed after initial 36,000 miles and thereafter every 12,000 miles"I think it's a good idea to do this suggested  maintenance under any kind of use. The 727 Torqueflite  transmission where very dependable as well as durable. But, it should be checked for adjustments.

Dodge transmissions 727

Dexron automatic transmission fluid required

Dodge says use only fluids of the type labeled Dexron automatic transmission fluid or Chrysler Automatic Transmission Fluid AQ-ATF-2848A  OR  2351A.

To prevent entry of dirt or debris into the 727 transmission or any transmission, make certain the dipstick cap is reseated properly onto the filler tube after checking or adding fluid. when transmission, fluid is needed, make sure to clean the funnel used to fill the transmission PRIOR to and after filling.

You don't want to be adding the garbage and debris that has been accumulating in the funnels that may have been sitting inside the shop for months. 

One idea I want to mention here. Take a clean shop rag and insert it inside the funnel. Also, put a piece of tape at the bottom to keep dirt and bugs from accumulating in the funnel.

This 727 Torqueflite came out of a 1968 Dodge Charger. In the Photo to your left, between the two arrows is where you will discover identification numbers. These identification numbers you see are the Typical 10,000-day date code.

The kind of metal the case  is made of is constructed of cast aluminum.
There are a couple of ways to clean the "Bell Housing" once pulled from the car if so desired.One cleaning method I used was to simply spray some vinegar  and sprinkle baking soda over housing. Scrub with a firm bristled brush and she will be clean in no time.Repeat if needed.
Mopar transmissions

The early day's of Chrysler Torqueflite Transmissions

The fluid drive transmissions came about from the Chrysler Corporation in the late 1930's.

The transmissions consisted of a fluid coupling. Connected to a three-speed manual synchromesh transmission.

The fluid drive was the very first of its kind to be used by an American car manufacturer.

1951 Fluid Couplings were replaced with a Torque Converter

Around 1951 Fluid couplings were replaced with a torque converter.

Chrysler & Desoto's referred to this design as FLUID-TORQUE DRIVE.

Dodge called this design the " GYRO-TORQUE DRIVE.

Chrysler powerflite was introduced in 1954

As 1954 rolled around the "powerflite" was introduced.

This powerflite had a cast iron case four element torque converter, with a two-speed planetary gearbox.

Sometimes at the end of 1954 the four element torque converter was replaced by a better three element design.

At 214 pounds, the powerflite was the lightest in the business.

From 1954 to 1957 two million powerflites were made. The year of 1955, Chrysler introduced the three speed cast iron torqueflite. The Chrysler Imperial was the only car these transmissions would be on.

Four Speed Transmissions For 1968 Dodge Charger. Dodge Dart. And Coronet

The Fluid level should be checked every six months.

The correct level is at the bottom of the filler hole. If below the specified level, fill with Multi-purpose Gear Lubricant SAE 140.

If shift efforts become extremely high during cold weather, transmission should be drained and refilled with Multi-purpose Gear Lubricant SAE 80 or SAE 90.

Or with automatic transmission fluid types labeled Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid or Chrysler Automatic Transmission fluid AQ-ATF-2848A or 2351A1843314. available under part number

Automatic transmission fluid should be replaced with Multi-purpose Gear Lubricant SAE 140 in warm weather.  No other lubricant should be used.

1968 Dodge Charger-Dodge Coronet-Dodge Dart Transmission Torqueflite Oil Capacities

170, 225, 273, 318, 340, Cubic Inch Engines..........15-½ Pints

383, 440 Cubic Inch Engines (Except High Performance)..........18-½ Pints

383, 440 Cubic Inch ( High Performance)..........15-½ Pints

426 Cubic Inch Hemi Engine..........16 Pints

All Police And Taxi..........18-½ Pints

Transmission Manual

3-Speed Model A-903..........6-½ Pints

3-Speed Model A-745..........5-¾ Pints

4-Speed (273, 318, 340 Cubic Inch..........8 Pints

4-Speed (383, 426, 440 Cubic Inch Engines..........9 Pints

Chrysler's 727 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmissions

When you hear the word's Torqueflite Automatic, and Chrysler's A-833 four-speed, two other word's come to mind, strength and durability.

The 727 Torqueflite is not that complex. When compared to the other automatic transmissions.

There has been many that have put stock Torqueflite transmissions behind engine's pumping out over 600 horsepower and realize quickly why the 727 Torqueflite has always had a great reputation.  

1962-1974 Most automatic transmissions are dated with an assembly serial number, found on the drivers side pan rail.

This consists of assembly, plant, part number, 10,000-day calendar date, and build sequence.

1968 Dodge Transmissions Applications Chart

For 1968, the model A-904 transmissions had a drastic change. This change was directed to increase their torque handling capacity.

And a new line had been added for the 318 cubic inch engine. These transmissions and most of their internal parts ARE NOT interchangeable with previous models.

To help identify, raised letters about 3/8 inch high are located on the lower left side of the bell housing.

Here is a chart for the Dodge 1968 Transmission Applications

Transmission Application Chart 

Engine Type                               Displacement Cubic Inch                          Identification Marking

6 Cylinder                                               170-225                                                    A-904-G

  8 Cylinder                                                  273                                                     A-904-A

  8-Cylinder                                                  318                                                            A-904-LA

6 Cylinder                                                  225                                                       A-727-RG

8 Cylinder                                                318-340                                                       A-727-A

8 Cylinder                                            383-426-440                                                    A-727-B

Chrysler's A-727-A-904 Transmissions

The Chrysler Corporation automatic transmissions generally divide into two groups.

A-904 ( Small transmissions including 998 and 999 ) 

And the A-727 ( Large Transmission )

#1.... All big block engines will have a 727 transmission, and no A-904 type transmission will bolt up to big blocks.

#2.... 340 Engines with automatics always have a 727 transmission from the factory.

#3.... 273, 318, and 360 transmissions can be identified by looking at the oil pan rail near the area where the dipstick tube enters the case ( can be seen from under the hood as well as from under the car ). If the oil pan rail bulges out, it is an A-727 transmission. If the oil pan rail is straight, it is an A-904.

Extreme Dodge Transmission

 Below are Questions and Answers to some of the most asked questions about the most popular transmissions ever made.

  1. What year did the powerflite come out? The year was 1954
  2. When did the three speed cast iron torqueflite come out? the year was 1955 What car? Chrysler Imperial ONLY
  3. What year did the A-999 come out?  January of 1974
  4. What was the year when the heavy duty A-727 Torqueflite come out(introduced)?  The year was 1962
  5. What was Chrysler's first transmission?  The Fluid Drive, it came about in the late 1930's
  6. What year was the push button transmission gone? In 1965 The push button was dropped
  7. What year did most Torqueflite Transmissions gain a lockup torque converter clutch? Answer is 1978