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Preparing for your first project car or truck

If you are new to the world of car restoration, well I have prepared a list of important tips for you to follow. It is very important that you prepare for your first  project car or truck.

Without a clear and precise plan, your first attempt to restore a vehicle will become disastrous. So, how do you prepare for your first auto restoration job?

#1. First be certain of what car or truck it is, you will be restoring. If you choose a car that you're somewhat interested in, you will eventually lose interest in finishing the car. Make sure that it is one that you really want to see restored. 

Listen, You will be spending a lot of time and money on this project car. If it's not the one you really love you will not see the project threw to the end.

If the car is one that you truly admire, you will more than likely finish the project and will enjoy putting in all that time and money to see the car finished.

Just make sure it's a car you love. Because you will be spending countless hours with it.

Restoring a car or truck

#2. After deciding what vehicle you're going to restore the next step in preparing for your project car is research. Do your homework and learn all there is to know about that car. Familiarize yourself with that car inside & out.

By you doing this, it will help you tremendously when restoring the vehicle.

Having a better understanding of how the car is put together will help you when you break down the car. 

#3. Another tip on how to prepare for your project car is space. Yes, you will need a lot of room to store parts you will be removing from the car.

Once you start removing the hood, trunk, fenders, bumpers you will be in need of a lot of space to store these parts. Just make sure you have the room before you tackle a ground up restoration job.

#4. And the last tip on how to prepare for your project car is the tools to complete the restoration job. If your planning on doing most of the body work on the project car you will need tools most people will not have in their garage.

Hammer & dolly, Mig welder, oxy/acetylene outfit, Dent puller. The list of special tools you will need for body work can be endless. 

My final thoughts on preparing for a project car

This list of tips I compiled for you I believe will help you to understand just what its gonna  take for you to restore a car. It is a lot of work, time-consuming & takes up the majority of your garage space. But, it is challenging and fun as well. 

Good luck and happy restoring.  James Frampton