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Rust Prevention for your car

Rust is an overwhelming problem for those of us who restore antique cars & trucks. But thankfully it's not that bad of a problem with today's automobiles.

If you have performed any kind of body work on old school rides, chances are the majority of your work was conquering rust problems.

Rust Prevention
Well, this article will hopefully help you to prevent rust from ever occurring. There are a few ways that I will share with you. First you have to understand just exactly what is rust? How & why does rust occur?

The dictionary says Rust is a reddish brittle coating formed on iron or especially when chemically attacked by moist air and composed essentially of hydrated ferric oxide.

If you reside in the northern part of the country you will have to take extra precautions to keep your vehicle rust free. Especially during the winter weather. Salt brine used to keep the roads clear from snow and ice.

The downfall of this is that salt will cause severe rust on the undercarriage of your vehicle.It's very hard for someone to wash under your car.
One article I read says you can seal the undercarriage with wax and sealer to help against rust. Or have the undercarriage steamed cleaned.

Thankfully that is not a problem in the south. So here are some tips to help keep your vehicle free from rust.

These tips on how to prevent your automobile from rust can be used on all vehicles.

Rust Prevention
Drain holes under driver side door.

three drain holes under driver side door.

Rust prevention Tips for your car

Listed below are some of my tips to you. If you have have some yourself please lets us know in the Members blog.<<<<

  • Wash your vehicle weekly. Making sure to wash inside the wheel wells. Try your best to at least clean the undercarriage of the vehicle.

  • Make sure you wax and use a paint sealant to protect your cars paint. Chalky dead paint will soon bring about surface rust.

  • Be sure to always clean dirt and debris from drain holes on your car. Each vehicle will be different so it may take some time to find drain holes at the bottom of doors, around the cowl and other areas like a sunroof. 

This was a huge problem with older cars because these drain holes would have leaves and dirt that clogged up the drain holes and water had nowhere to go. Eventually, this would help rust to form and eventually cause major damage.

Drain plugs under trunk of car

This drain plug is located under the rocker panel of a Nissan car.

Drain plug located in car trunk under mat

Undercoating to keep down rust

  • Obviously there would be no reason to remove these drain plugs from your car unless flooding has occurred. If these plugs were removed from most of the 60's muscle cars that sat outside in fields and pastures most of them would have been saved from rust.

Most of the cars would have windows down or just by sitting for years water would get into the trunk and floors and would eventually rust out the entire floor pans and trunk.