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Why you should purchase Sandblasting equipment

Article wrote by, James Frampton

Webmaster and auto restorer

Sandblasting is a great way for you to take any part of your car or truck (Restoration Project) and get to examine just how good or bad of condition the part is in. Especially the body of the vehicle. There are a variety of different methods to use in sandblasting. 
Sandblasting cabinets, portable 40lbs barrel type blasters and siphon hand-held blasters.
Sandblasting enables you to remove rust down to the bare metal.

You should buy a sandblaster if you are contemplating on ever restoring a vehicle.

I use a cabinet style sandblaster with 40lbs blasting material capacity. I use mostly glass beads in my sandblasting cabinet. I have used the sandblaster to remove rust from car parts, nuts, bolts & a variety of other things. You are only limited to what part will fit in the cabinet door opening.

There are different size's of cabinet sandblasters. The larger units are obviously a lot more expensive and if you only have need for one once in awhile the cost of purchasing one may not be wise. 

Another reason to buy a sandblaster is because it cleans the metal that sandpaper alone can never do. When you sand steel car panels, rust will still remain inside the pores of the metal. Sandpaper can not reach into those areas that are naked to the eye. On the other hand, Sandblasting that same part in a sandblasting cabinet, the blasting material will penetrate 100% of the rust. 

Don't forget, sandblasting is a great way to remove paint from automobiles, lawn chairs, outside cooking grills, old patio furniture to restore them to new like condition.

One last word on why owning a sandblaster makes good sense to invest in. You can sandblast cooking grills, certain household items and can be used on a variety of other things besides auto related.

rubber braided hoses

I replace two rubber braided hose's in my sandblasting cabinet on this video

The video below, I replace Hose's that connect to blasting gun & hose that connects to the blasting media pick-up tube.
Over time these hose's dry out and become hard & bridle.

Options that you can purchase with your Sandblasting Cabinet

A couple of things to keep in mind before purchasing a sandblasting cabinet:
  1. Make sure you buy a light that fits inside of the cabinet.
  2. Make sure your sandblasting cabinet has the capability to hook up a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Make sure you buy extra plastic film that fits under the main viewing glass.

A cabinet light is a must have option to buy. Without a light in the sandblasting cabinet, it will be impossible to see the work you are performing on a part your blasting. The longer the light, the better.

Believe me, without a vacuum cleaner hookup capability, it will be very hard to see what you're blasting. The vacuum cleaner pulls out all that fine dust inside the cabinet while you're blasting. Without it, you will have a difficult time seeing what you're blasting.
The vacuum cleaner I have has lasted over 10 years without any problems what so ever. I got it from Harbor Freight. 

Buy extra plastic film for the viewing window. After several blasting jobs, these films will need to be replaced or you will have a difficult time seeing what you're blasting in the blasting cabinet.

In the video on this page, I show you a couple of steel mesh baskets that you can use for small parts to use in your blasting cabinet.

A sandblaster is a must have when restoring a car or truck

With the floor blasting units, you will find them to be very helpful. Not only for your automobile restoration projects, but for many things around the house.
For me, it has came in very handy for blasting small parts.
In fact it helped with the Massey Ferguson tractor hood and nose cone.

I purchased my sandblasting cabinet around 10 years ago.
As you may know, there are several different variety's of sandblasting equipment out on the market today.(read more below)
 The list of parts you can put in the blasting cabinet is long.

Valve covers, alternator brackets, Air breather housing, nuts, bolts, wheels, the list is long for the reason a sandblaster is a must have when restoring
a automobile. You can purchase a 40 pound capacity floor blasting cabinet from Harbor Freight for $210
I believe it's a must have equipment because it offers a variety of uses for restoring a car.
Removing paint, primer & rust is very easy with a blasting cabinet & it's reasonably priced.

The blasting cabinet is one of my best equipment I own.
It would take hours of work to clean brackets and most parts I have, compared to minutes it takes with the sandblasting cabinet.
The blasting cabinet is just something I could not do without.

What blasting media is right for your sandblasting cabinet?

The Eastwood Company sells several different types of blasting media. Also Tractor Supply sells blasting media. Listed below are a few blasting media that are for a specific job.
  1.  Walnut Shells -- For removing paint & for ferrous metals or internal parts.
  2. Glass Beads -- For softer metals like aluminum, brass & Die-cast metals. 
  3. Aluminum Oxide -- For rust on parts & will have a much longer life of use than other blasting media
  4. Bicarb soda-- Requires a separate machine from a sandblaster or you can purchase a kit to modify your sandblasting machine 
  5. Ground Glass--For light rust removal, flash rust or surface rust

Other types of sandblasting equipment

Like I said. There are a couple of abrasive blasting equipment.

  1. Floor blasting cabinet.
  2. Pressurized abrasive blaster
  3. Small blasting cabinet for smaller parts
  4. and a gravity feed blaster