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Sony Handycam for great videos

Sony Handycam HRD-CX220 now used for Extreme Mopars.Com Videos 

Extreme Mopars.com is proud to announce that future videos that will be featured on this website will be shot with the Sony HDR-CX220 Handycam.

James "I believe this new Handycam from Sony will take Extreme Mopars to a new and higher level".

The Handycam has a 32x extended zoom to get real close to whatever is being recorded

and will have so much better details in the video for viewers to enjoy.

James "It will take some time to learn all the features that are available on the new Sony HDR-CX220, but it will really capture those small details of the engine that I could not do with

the other video recorder I had".

The Sony HDR-CX220 has many features available on the unit to get the best video for 


The Sony Handycam has SteadyShot, Extended Zoom(32x), Wide Angle Lens, the unit also

comes with the Intelligent Auto-focus.

Below, are some awesome feature the Sony Handycam has:

  • 1920x1080 full high definition 60p with 8.9 mp exmor r cmos sensor 
  • 27x optical with 32x extended zoom
  • 29.8mm wide angle Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
  • 2.7" wide clear photo LCD display (230k)

Sony Handycam for great videos

Many accessories for the Sony HDR-CX-220 are available from Sony or Amazon.Com

There are many optional accessories that are available for the Sony Handycam. Such as

the Carrying case and tripod for some real still shots when needed.

James "I ordered the battery charger that comes with TWO batteries and can be charged from the car's power outlet".

James " It's the Wasabi power battery and charger kit". "The charger can be plugged into a wall socket or you can charge the batteries right in your vehicle when at car shows or

Swap meets". For the price, it just is a "Must Have".

Also, I purchased the Sony LCS-U30 Soft Carrying Case for my Sony Handycam.

James "I needed something to protect my investment and for the price of the 

Sony carrying case, I just had to purchase it".


My review of the Sony HDR-CX220 Handycam (James)

Look I have had the Sony Handycam for only a couple of days and in the coming weeks will let my viewers know how well the Handycam is working.

The Handycam fits well in my hands, and the Quality is excellent.

I have run a few test videos, and it's awesome details, and audio is absolutely great.

I will be sure to keep you all up to date with how durable the unit is.

One last thing, I wanted to give my audience a better viewing experience on Extreme Mopars.Com

And this Sony Handycam I hope, will do that.

Today's Date is 04-07-2013

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Sony Handycam for great videos