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what is a muscle car

So You ask, What is a muscle car?  What car is a muscle car? 

What is a Muscle car? What cars are Muscle cars? Well, I will give you my definition of what a Muscle car is. I guess what makes a car a "muscle car" can vary from person to person. But when I think of a muscle car, several things come to my mind. Remember, the word muscle car may be differently defined from person to person.

An online dictionary say's the following. Muscle car -- A flashy sports car with a large, powerful engine, a hot rod. 

That is absolutely NOT my definition of what a muscle car is. Large Powerful engine? OK, that I'll agree to. But the rest? No way. So, here I will list below what I think a "Muscle Car" is.

#1. First of all, a four-door car is NOT a muscle car. That's not to say a four-door car can't be a nice looking car. But, for me a Muscle car can only have two doors. No more, or no less.

#2. A muscle car has got to have at least 8 cylinders. No way can you call a car with 4 or 6 cylinders a muscle car. Sure, I am aware with today's technology you can get more horsepower out of a 4 cylinder, but a muscle car has to have a big engine. Period.

#3. Let's face it. No car's engine today has the appearance of a tough looking engine like they were in the 60's & 70's. The engines of the 60's and 70's were nice to look at. Think about when you go to a car show like in pigeon Forge lets say, a lot of the cars will have the hood raised for people to look at. Why? Because there was something worth looking at. That's why. 

Big, tough looking engines that were chromed out to the max. I know what your thinking. Yes, most of the chrome was installed by the owners. But, a lot had some kind of chrome that the factory installed. My point is. The engine of the 60's & 70's were nice to look at. Today? Most all covered in hard black PLASTIC.The engine has got to have more color to it than just black plastic.

#4.And finally what I think defines a Muscle car. That look. The long, flowing body lines. The complete car did not have that round, egg look to it.

Listen. I am aware of aerodynamics. Less wind resistance equals better gas mileage.

With gas being as high as it is, better fuel mileage is very important. To you and me. So for me, the car has to have some "squares" "Diamonds" & more shapes than just the Round, oval, egg look to be considered a Muscle car.

So let me recap what a "muscle Car" is

  1. Two door car.
  2. 8 cylinders
  3. Big, massive, chrome somewhere on the engine. The Engine must be as pleasant to look at as the car is. ( NO Plastic)
  4. The appearance of the car body has that tough, bad-ass look. The car has to look like it's moving even when it's sitting still.  

Below are a few cars what I believe define the word Muscle Car

what is a muscle car